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How to Create a Facebook Event for your Fundraiser

(It’s super easy!)

Setting up a Facebook event for your fundraisers is an easy (and free!) way to keep them in front of attendees, participants, sponsors, and other supporters. Event pages are easy to share and follow, they make it easy to communicate info to participants and supporters, and they pop up when folks within your supporters’ networks follow and share them. They’re also free, and only take a few minutes to create. If you’re organizing a golf fundraiser, be sure to create one. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Create an event. From the Facebook business page for your organization, select events, then create event.

  2. Fill in details. Add a title for your golf fundraiser, upload a photo, fill in additional details, and select a date and time. Choose the golf facility that will host your event in the location field. Choose an event category and add keywords, which will make your event easier for potential participants and supporters to find. Keywords also help Facebook determine where and how to recommend your event to people who might be interested.

  3. Add Under co-hosts, begin typing and select Adding us to your event keeps it on our radar, so we can promote it to our followers—many of whom are avid golfers and involved in nonprofit work. As you post and share your event, we’ll do the same to help spread the word.

  4. Add your event website. In the ticket URL field, paste the link to your GolfStatus registration website. This directs Facebook users right to your event’s online registration page, where they can instantly purchase an individual or team registration and/or sponsorship.  

  5. Share and engage. Once set up, share your event page regularly, tagging, sponsors, the golf facility, and other supporters. Tagging these folks is a great way to show appreciation and recognition for their support; it also ensures that your posts reach a larger audience.

  6. Promote. As the event draws closer, consider boosting your posts as you make one last push to attract supporters. The day of the event, be sure to share live leaderboards on your organization’s page so spectators can follow along and stay engaged.


Get your event website up and running and start promoting your golf fundraiser today.

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