Simplify Golf Fundraiser Promo & Registration


How to Automate with a Custom Event Website

When you’re trying to recruit players and sponsors for a golf fundraiser, the easier it is to spread the word and get folks registered, the better! An event website lets you quickly and easily promote your golf outing, while at the same time providing a central location to collect registrations, entry fees, and sponsorships.


Simple Event Promotion

Golf fundraisers powered by have the key advantage of a sleek, professional event website that simplifies the process of collecting registrations and makes it easy to seamlessly coordinate with the golf facility—all at no cost to your organization. With a simple copy-and-paste of the event link, you can instantly promote your outing on social media, through email campaigns, personal messages, and texts, or anywhere online.

Public events are accessible to avid golfers through the free GolfStatus app, where users can search for and register for events from a mobile device quickly and easily. GolfStatus also makes it easy for registrants to invite teammates, drawing more players to the tournament.


Streamline Registration

A custom event website for your fundraiser gives golfers everything they need to make a decision: complete event details, entry pricing, sponsorship package details, round information, and a list of confirmed participants and event sponsors. Sponsors can also register and pay directly on the event page, giving busy executives a hassle-free way to commit and submit payment at their convenience. With instant payment and a clear list of sponsor options, decision makers lock in sponsorships as they’re registering, at the crucial time when their interest is piqued.

Registrations and payments are easy to track and manage on the backend, so you won’t be scrambling to track down checks the day of the event or working out details on where and how funds needs to be allocated after the fact. It's all automatic with secure and reliable integrated payment processing.


Coordinate with the Golf Facility

Player information automatically populates into the platform so you can seamlessly hand it off to the golf facility. Ahead of the event, club staff can quickly and easily manage teams, drag and drop hole assignments, format and print tee sheets and cart signs, and complete other logistical tasks.

During the tournament, the event website displays live leaderboards, so players, spectators, and sponsors (both at the event and not attending) can follow and share scores in real-time.

To learn more about custom event websites and streamlined event registration (both of which are available to nonprofits through at no cost) submit an online inquiry here.

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