10 Quick Tips to Attract More Players to your Charity Golf Outing


It’s that time of year—your golf fundraiser is just around the corner! If you still have teams to fill, here are a few quick, actionable ways to attract players and get them registered!

1. Make registration as easy as possible.

The people likely to support your golf outing are busy! Most are business professionals and they don’t have time to fill out forms, mail them in, hassle with checks, and deal with logistics. If your registration process is as easy as visiting a website and paying with a credit card, you can share a link and players will register on the spot. Quick. Easy. Done.


2. Set up an event website.

Keep it clean, simple, and professional, and be sure it can accommodate online registration. An event website makes promo a breeze, and gives volunteers, board members, donors, and other members of your network a place to send players and sponsors.

3. Contact past participants.

Connect with folks who have played in your event in years prior. Let them know the event is coming up and be sure to ask if they know of anyone who might be interested in learn more about the event.

4. Call on your board members.

Ask each of your board members to list five to 10 contacts to reach out to about playing in and/or sponsoring the event. A specific, manageable request gives them an actionable goal and makes it easy for them to deliver.

5. Connect with local businesses.

Make a list of 10 local businesses that might be interested in getting their brand in front of golfers (a highly coveted demographic). Consider home builders, jewelers, auto dealerships, insurance providers, travel agencies, sporting goods retailers, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and real estate agents. It’s also a good idea to reach out to businesses that have supported your golf event or other fundraisers in the past.


6. Send strategic reminder and promo emails.

Start with a save-the-date-style email six or so months ahead of time. Then, a couple months before the event, send a reminder. Be sure emails (and all your social media posts) link to your online registration page so everything is seamless.

7. Make sure players understand the impact of their purchase.

Provide as much context as possible for where and how every dollar counts. Look for ways to equate the value of a hole sponsorship or team registration, for example, to a specific outcome. For example, one hole sponsorship provides food for a child in need for one full year. Include this information in emails, social media posts, and conversations.

8. Promote the event on social media.

Start by creating a Facebook event. It’s quick and easy (click here for a step-by-step walkthrough). Be sure to list GolfStatus.org as a co-host so we can promote the event on our channels too.

9. Promote the event through GolfStatus.

Get in front of avid golfers in your area by listing your event in our online search at events.golfstatus.com, and in the free mobile GolfStatus app, which thousands of golfers use regularly. This is free and easy promo to your target audience.


10. Get personal.  

Don’t be afraid to contact donors directly. Look for solutions that help you save time on event planning and logistics so you can focus on the relationships that keep donors engaged in events like your annual outing, and invested in its success.

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