All about Live-Scoring

The Easy Way to Upgrade Your Golf Fundraiser


Live-scoring and leaderboards are the standard at professional, high-end golf tournaments, displaying scores and rankings for teams and players both in person and online during the event. It used to be that live leaderboards were only feasible for professional-level pro-ams and Tour events. Not anymore.


Live Scoring & Leaderboards From GolfStatus

  1. Golfers use the free GolfStatus app to keep score and access live leaderboards during the golf outing.

  2. Scores update in real-time, and golf courses display them on TVs in the clubhouse and at comfort stations.

  3. Spectators, donors, sponsors, and others follow and share live and final results online.


Why It Matters

Players love live leaderboards because they make golf outings more competitive and memorable. Facilities love that live scoring saves them tons of time at the end of the event; everything is automated and there’s no need to spend hours painstaking tallying scores by hand at the end of an event. Sponsors love them because they’re a great exposure opportunity—the place everyone’s looking during the entire event and after.

How It Works

GolfSatus makes live-scoring super simple through a free mobile app that players or scorekeepers use to input scores during the event. Scores feed into an in-app leaderboard in real time that players can check at any time (another great exposure opportunity for sponsors). The golf facility can also display live leaderboards on clubhouse and comfort station TVs, as well as online on the event website and on social media.


How to Do It

Live scoring and leaderboards are part of the deal when you leverage, which streamlines everything from event setup to online registration, hole assignments, and all the other logistics involved in planning a golf fundraiser.

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