How long does it take
to set up a golf event using

The platform is designed so that event organizers can launch an event in minutes (not hours), no matter their experience in planning a golf outing and even with limited knowledge of the sport.

How much training
does my staff need to use

None. The platform is super simple. No need for extensive golf knowledge or training to get started. We’ll walk you through the platform and show you how it works, then get you setup to launch your event. If you need assistance, we’re always here to help.

Can I copy and paste a current
event to save time in setting up a future event?

Absolutely. Events can be copied with a few simple clicks, so you can start promoting them as early as you’d like.

Does cost
anything for my organization to use?

GolfStatus helps you raise additional funds through additional sponsorship opportunities—specifically through a Technology Sponsorship or Title Sponsorship. Your organization sells this sponsorship at the price of your choosing and, only when it sells, we assess a flat-rate technology fee. Of course, you can upsell this sponsorship for whatever you’d like and keep the additional revenue. If your organization is unable to sell the Technology Sponsorship, you are not charged our technology fee. In short, no cost and no risk.

How do I get custom
pin flags for my event?

Contact your GolfStatus rep. You can sell custom-branded pin flag sponsorships independently or as part of a sponsorship package. Your organization can also order branded flags to raise awareness, to give as gifts to major donors or corporate partners, or to use as competition prizes. Our in-house team designs the flags and works with the golf facility to make sure they’re up and ready the day of your event.

Where can I find reference
materials and resources?

GolfStatus University (GSU) is where we house reference materials, including videos and step-by-step tutorials. You’ll need an account login to access them in the GolfStatus dashboard; contact your GolfStatus rep to learn more.

What about support?

You work one on one with your GolfStatus rep. If you ever need something after hours, our customer success team is here to help with 24/7 live support. Our team is in-house, so we’re ready to help when you need us.