Simplify Golf Fundraiser Promo & Registration

How to Automate with a Custom Event Website

When you’re trying to recruit players and sponsors for a golf fundraiser, the easier it is to spread the word and get folks registered, the better! An event website lets you quickly and easily promote your golf outing, while at the same time providing a central location to collect registrations, entry fees, and sponsorships.


Simple Event Promotion

Golf fundraisers powered by have the key advantage of a sleek, professional event website that simplifies the process of collecting registrations and makes it easy to seamlessly coordinate with the golf facility—all at no cost to your organization. With a simple copy-and-paste of the event link, you can instantly promote your outing on social media, through email campaigns, personal messages, and texts, or anywhere online.

Public events are accessible to avid golfers through the free GolfStatus app, where users can search for and register for events from a mobile device quickly and easily. GolfStatus also makes it easy for registrants to invite teammates, drawing more players to the tournament.


Streamline Registration

A custom event website for your fundraiser gives golfers everything they need to make a decision: complete event details, entry pricing, sponsorship package details, round information, and a list of confirmed participants and event sponsors. Sponsors can also register and pay directly on the event page, giving busy executives a hassle-free way to commit and submit payment at their convenience. With instant payment and a clear list of sponsor options, decision makers lock in sponsorships as they’re registering, at the crucial time when their interest is piqued.

Registrations and payments are easy to track and manage on the backend, so you won’t be scrambling to track down checks the day of the event or working out details on where and how funds needs to be allocated after the fact. It's all automatic with secure and reliable integrated payment processing.


Coordinate with the Golf Facility

Player information automatically populates into the platform so you can seamlessly hand it off to the golf facility. Ahead of the event, club staff can quickly and easily manage teams, drag and drop hole assignments, format and print tee sheets and cart signs, and complete other logistical tasks.

During the tournament, the event website displays live leaderboards, so players, spectators, and sponsors (both at the event and not attending) can follow and share scores in real-time.

To learn more about custom event websites and streamlined event registration (both of which are available to nonprofits through at no cost) submit an online inquiry here.

Katie Casillas
Hope Center Uganda Hosts Golf for Hope Event

Fundraising through Golf


Sprawling central Africa’s Nile Basin, Uganda is cradled by the torn lands of Kenya, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Rwanda. Drenched in the equatorial sun, the sweeping terrain is almost transcendent—a stark contrast to the hardships that afflict its people: a tumultuous political climate; dismal economic conditions; and an unyielding AIDS epidemic, not to mention the relentless challenges of everyday survival. Statistically, it is one of the poorest countries in the world, a reality that disproportionately impacts the 84% of its population living in rural communities. These complex and largely systemic conditions leave the country’s children abandoned in devastating numbers. As many as 1.5 million children in Uganda are homeless—a tragic 5% of its population. Hope Center Uganda’s commitment is to those children.

The Mission

Formed in 2011, Hope Center Uganda is a global 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to rescue the abandoned, abused, and orphaned children of Uganda. With a staff of fewer than 20 and a small network of volunteers, the organization is typically serving between 25 and 30 orphaned children at any given time.

“The majority of the children brought to us are babies, just weeks or months old,” explains Hope Center Uganda’s President Barbie Wells. “These children are left in toilets, puddles of water, bushes, garbage piles. Many come to us starved, abused, and emaciated.” The goal is to provide care, before eventually resettling the children in families with the means and capacity to care for them. In the interim, Hope Center Uganda provides crucial necessities, including housing, utilities, food, clean water, diapers, and school supplies.


Powered by GolfStatus

Approximately half of the organization’s monthly operational budget of around $5,000 is funded by recurring gifts from donors all over the world. The remaining balance is left to ongoing fundraising efforts. “Honestly, we’re only ever about one month ahead,” says Barbie. “It’s scary, but somehow, by the grace of God, we make the number every single month. Somebody steps up. It’s like living paycheck to paycheck.”

Despite the challenges, Barbie and her staff remain committed to serving the cause, leveraging their networks and resources and eagerly jumping on new fundraising opportunities. “Last year, one of our donors, an avid golfer, came to us and suggested a golf event,” explains Barbie, who quickly organized her staff to rally the effort.

“It went well,” she says, admitting that the task of putting together a first-time golf fundraiser was a mountain of work for the completely volunteer taskforce. “We did everything manually, tracking information in a spreadsheet, and getting everything set up. It was weeks of work, and we had never done it before, so collecting and organizing everything and then actually promoting the event were especially challenging.”

This year’s tournament will run quite differently thanks to a little help from GolfStatus, which provides its golf event management platform to organizations like Hope Center Uganda at no cost. Features like seamless online promotion and registration, integrated payment processing, simple team management and hole assignments, and the ability to instantly print tee sheets, cart signs, and other materials save weeks of time and resources for the organization and the golf facility. “Using GolfStatus has allowed us to take a big deep breath,” says Barbie, who, instead of focusing on logistical tasks, has been able to channel the organization’s limited time and resources into engaging and stewarding donors.

The software also positions the event to raise additional dollars and engage more donors in the cause through a number of previously untapped touchpoints. Barbie and her team are able to sell sponsorship exposure through various channels, including live mobile and clubhouse leaderboard sponsorships, in-app digital hole sponsorships, and automated custom rewards that allow sponsors to engage golfers on the course during the event and prompt additional donations online and in the app. They've also taken advantage of GolfStatus's custom pin flags, branding each with the Hope Center Uganda logo; two of the flags will be given away to Gold-level sponsors as a keepsake. Promotion is also easy, thanks to the event’s custom website, where players and corporate partners can quickly and easily register and purchase sponsorships.

It all rolls up into a better fundraiser that’s easier to manage, and serious about serving its cause and its donors. “Last year, people could tell we scrambled to put the event together,” Barbie admits. “With the GolfStatus platform, we’re able to provide a more polished and engaging event that casts our organization in a more legitimate and professional light.”

Driving More of What Matters

For the team at Hope Center Uganda, it’s about being open to new fundraising avenues and technologies capable of raising more of the mission-critical funds this organization needs to continue serving the children whose lives it so profoundly impacts. “It’s challenging,” says Barbie. “But these children need us, and with the right tools, resources, and support, we can not only sustain—we can do even more.”

Learn more about Hope Center Uganda and its mission at